lesbianwanted (lesbianwanted) wrote in to_eat_or_not,

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an outcry.....

A whole community attacked me because I psted a picture of me and i am fat. they said such mean things. My friends and family tell me im beautiful and like 30 people fat bashing me is getting really hard to handle as the days go by more and more people are commenting and only like 3 are taking up for me..im wiggin out so bad-I don't want to be fat-no one does. to bad tears aren't body fat.....i've lost tons.
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They're just insecure about themselves. Don't worry about what they say, it dosen't matter. They just want everyone to be robots and look the same.
You ARE beautiful.
i saw that picture.

you look great
They are just jelous of wht u have. Im sure u r a great girl. I have been there b4 to everyone here I'm sure has. U are not alone in the world. Im trying to lose the weight. I agree with lameusername. If they want to all be pricks let them because the only person who knows u better is u. And yes..sometimes we all wish tears were body fat. Just know tht u r not alone in the world.