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Just call me a Newbie!!

Well Howdy to the fat busting community! I think my friends are very thankful that I found this site versus complaining to them and trust me, I’m ultra glad I found this community as well. I have to hear another, “You work out too much” or “You’re already skinny, just eat the damn cookie!” one more UNSOLICITED time I think I’m just going to be anoerixic! Instead of giving stats, I’ll just tell the tale:

To be honest, I’ve been decently skinny so far during my lifetime—I’ve never really had weight issues and even during my supposed “awkward” developmental stage, I could have cared less about carbs or calories. I was one of those sadly mistaken girls who believed they could “eat what I want and not a gain weight.” However, when I entered college instead of gaining the usual “Freshmen 15,” I actually lost 10 lbs. Being a tiny person already, I didn’t think people noticed since I didn’t notice myself! But when I went home for break, everybody gave me such good praises. The usual “wow! You lost a lot of weight!” made me feel specatular and from that point on I’ve been on a one woman mission to be as skinny as possible.

That was went I started to work out…in the beginning, it was just to keep the weight off, then it gradually started to be come an obsession. I admit it, I’m obsession with working out! Even though, I know you have to rest for a day, I still feel guilty whenever I don’t do my usual 3 miles. But I digress…anyways, in the beginning it was all about being skinny, but now I’m at the point where I just want to be as toned as possible.

There was an incident last year when one of my stupid sorority sisters and a person I thought was a friend took it as their “caring cause” to spread throughout the university that I was anorexic. The ironic thing was the one of her best friends had an actual eating disorder and she witnessed the drama that it enused for her. But whatever…it sucked especially since I’M 100% NOT ANOREXIC!!! But I refused to gain back the weight I worked DAMN hard to take off and the muscle I sweated blood and tears to gain just to let their fat asses know that they were right. SCREW them! I’ve actually gotten a lot more health during the last few years. Simply because I rather eat a salad versus a double hamburger, doesn’t mean I have a damn disorder!
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