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to_eat_or_not's Journal

To Eat or Not
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This community is moderated, only because a lot of people are uneducated or do not have an eating disorder that controls their lives. If you do you are more then welcome to join. I will accept all requests to join. But I will kick you out if you are disrespectful. This community is being built with the hope of creating an online family that will be here to support you thought good and bad times. You do not have to post your stats though you are more then welcome to if you would like. You may talk about anything involving body image, choices you are facing, recovery, remission, you may discuss tips or ask for assistance, we are a community built on facts and hope.

DO NOT DISCUSS MARY KATE OLSEN. She is not "thinspiration". I am sure that just as we hate it when someone says, "you are too thin" hates to hear it. Whether you think she is beautiful or you are sick of hearing about a poor little rich girl who is starving for attention she is not to be discussed.

With that said, welcome to our humble community.