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Hey, I'm new. Worship me???? :P

Hey, everyone.

I am new and, well, I used to weigh 240lbs.
Now I am 197lbs but I am STUCK.
I have reached a plateau. And, that SUCKS.
I used to have compulsive eating disorder but no one actually labelled me.
And, well, I have found that I did have it, and finally my doctors agreed. Morons. They should have just said it. Instead of saying "we need to deal with your weight" they could have just said I have an ED.
Bastards. >.< Excuse my language. :P heh.
Well, I am new here to LJ but I have met some really really nice people here so far. And, that is nice. ^.^ I am Emma. I am 18 years old, crazy, gothic, an actress and...well...have always been teased for my weight. Nice. I WAS always known as the "fat kid" - the elephant (LOL) and..
it just is not nice. I LOST ALL MY WEIGHT when i was 13. :D
But then due to my father abusing me and stuff, I put it all back on.
Then last year when I went to a psyc unit for 8 months, I put on even more. I ended up becoming, yes believe it or not, 240lbs.
And, that is just really sad. Really. I would eat and eat and eat until I could not breathe.

Anyway, I have turned my life around and am slowly getting better.
I have lost three stone!!!
BUT I am stuck at 197 and it is really really hard for me.
I do have mia tendancies. I only purge if I eat fatty things. Like cakes, etc. I dont purge if I have fruit, salads or things like that.
And, I tend to go on 4/5 days just having chewing gum, diet coke and some healthy fruit bar thing. But, i have not lost anytying in the past week so i am upset.

I joined this to not only offer help to anyone who is struggling with their weight, but also as I know it is a safe place and no one will be judged about their weight and, that, I like.
Feel free to message me any time, all of you.

I am here to listen.
I am here to care.
I am here to help.
And, I am here to share.


Emma. xxoxoxox
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