rude_waif (rude_waif) wrote in to_eat_or_not,

new community! unconditional support and acceptance...

...specializing in bulima. i'm a veteran/recovering bulimic, i'm very open and very human. i've created a new community in the hope that people can find absolutely unconditional support and acceptance, an environment where it's safe to ask the hardest questions and get a more candid answer than you'd ever expect your highschool sex-ed teacher to give you! : ) this community is for people in the disease of ANY STAGE, whether you're in denial, you know you're sick but you're not ready to give up your disorder, you'd just like to talk about the affect it has on you, you're afraid and feeling out of control or that the disease has become mixed up with your identity or sense of stability, or you're in the recovery stage and you're actively fighting. anorexics and EDNOS more than welcome, bulimia just happens to be my own demon and i know it far more intimately than i'd like to...

come check it out. it's brand new but a few great people have stopped by. if you'd like a new stage for your voice, here it is...

thanks for reading. best wishes and take care...

xoxox rude_waif
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Hey just call me Pale.... hmmmm I have "issues" with the way I look.... some would mistake my looking in reflections (mainly my mirror) as vanity but they don't know me. The mirror I CAN NOT live without and as much as I love it, I HATE what is reflected.I hate the truth.

Anyhow I am not sure what else to post..... er, hope all is well with you girls (perhaps lads)

Take care.